Wickham Morris: the 39 Steps Challenge

We are a Morris side based in Wickham, Hampshire. We would usually spend the summer dancing at fetes, festivals and local pubs, but because of the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020 we were unable to perform together.
Each year we choose a charity to support and make a donation once our dance season is over.
In recent years we have raised between £1,000 and £2,000 and the total we have raised is now over £43,000.
But this year, during the Covid-19 lockdown we find ourselves unable to perform in public due to social distancing rules, so we are unlikely to be able to raise as much money for this year’s charity.
We are attempting a range of challenges on the theme of “The 39 Steps” as this is the side’s 39th year, and through sponsorship we are hoping to raise funds for our chosen charity.
These challenges will be completed in the 39 days between 24 July and 31 August 2020.
This year’s charity is JDRF, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation which supports research to cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes.
If you would like to support this effort with a donation, click here go to our JustGiving page
Jacqui has talked for 3.9 minutes about Morris dancing
See what she said here plus a bonus of animated Sheepskins dance
Dennis has played snippets of 39 tunes. Click here to play the 11.5 minute video


Pam S plans to sing a folk song a day for the 39 days 24 July – 31 August

Penny did 39 single steps, 39 double steps, 39 open sidesteps left and 39 open sidesteps right, without stopping
Dennis has written a Morris story with 39 characters

Dennis has made a jigsaw with 39 pieces


Cath ran for 39 minutes


On Saturday 8th August Ian called and Cath and Nic played for the Kitchen Ceilidh. Thank you to our supporters who donated around £60 to attend this event via Zoom, and thank you to Ian, Nic and Cath and to stewards Julia and Jacqui


The Wickham musicians have now played 39 tunes together via their weekly Zoom practices.

37 are tunes we actually dance to and a couple of tunes we used to use were added in.


Penny is part way through 39 dances and had put together  a book of 39 recipes

Please make a donation (of at least £3.90!) if you want to print this, via

JustGiving  https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/wickham39steps 


Keith has put together a quiz on the theme of 1981 here - which has a maximum of 39 points.

For the answers click here  (you can only open it up by using the answer to question 4.1)

Suggest that 10p for each correct answer is donated to justGiving


The name of 39 titles of Beatles songs are hidden in this picture, can you find then all? 

For a peak at the answers look here

For help try looking here


And 39 times thank you  to Penny from all of Wickham Morris, for setting this up and encouraging us all to take part.