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Chippenham 2011

All in the air in Chippenham High Street

Ian and Jackie

Up in the air clashing

Sarah and Dennis sticking

Dashing around

Outside Boots

Elliott and Jackie

In line AND in step!

A sleepy drummer

All up at the end of Vandals

Hit other end GENTLY please

Dancing at lower end of the High Street

David checks he's not going to tread on anything messy

Linda smiling

Two sets sticking

Two sets progressing

The band surrounded

Lets all argue with the Dancemaster

Dancing in the Chippenham sunshine

Swirling hankies

We manage to end together

Stick and bucket preparation

Pretty pigtails and hockey sticks

And pretty skirts

The bully off

The crowds ready for the great event

Rebecca chases after errant balls

Elliott the bucket boy

The balls dance the Litchfield Hey

At last the end

The team photo

David chats up the local talent

St Wickihams

A last group photo