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This is our logo. You'll see that a morris man fits into both a square and a circle

We have a short video of us dancing Duck and Dive - click here to view.

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Battle of New Orleans Wickham Square August 2006 Wickham Morris in Viller sur Mer - 1992

Wickham Morris - May Day 1992 Wickham Morris - It's Cheddar Cheese we Cheer 2012

Wickham Morris - May Day Morris Dance 2012 Wickham Morris - May Day Morris Dance 2011 Hal an Tow song

Wickham Morris Dancing Fanny Frail at Upton 2014

For these next three, drag the image around to view the dance in whichever direction you like, it's magic!

Wickham Morris Dancing "From Night to Morn" at 2016 Wickham Festival in surround video (1) 2016

Wickham Morris Dancing "Le Halle Place " at 2016 Wickham Festival in surround video (2) 2016

Wickham Morris Dancing "Lads a Buncham" at 2016 Wickham Festival in surround video (3) 2016


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2016 Collection Guides at Foxlease, TheVictory at Hamble, Lyndhurst with "Hearing Dogs"

2013 Collection

2012 A Winters tale at Wickham Vineyard
2012 Hampshire Bowman and Wickham Festival
2012 Torch and All The Bells and Olympic Park

2011 Harvest Home
QA Hospital and Rocky_cheque 2011
2011 Southwick Brewery
Chippenham 2011
May Day 2011
Wickham Festival 2010
Pictures from 2010
Watercress Line Morris Day 2009
Winchester Festival 2009
2009 misc pictures
Breton trip 2007
Chippenham 2006
May Day 2006
France trip 2006
University Day Nursery 2006
Hampshire Bowman in 2006
Solent Folk Festival 2005
Chippenham 2005
Hamble 2005
Chippenham 2003
Ireland 1998
Older pictures

Our first commissioned piece of artwork, drawn by Kathy Malbaski at the Upton Upon Severn Folk Festival 2007