We like dancing in a very laidback style - we like to enjoy ourselves and if it goes right it feels great and if it goes wrong, then we all laugh and smile. If you come and see us, then ask us and we'll get you up dancing with us. We are delighted that we have been joined by not only the able bodied, but also the blind, deaf, wheelchair bound (including some in electric chairs, which is much harder!), a person on crutches, another with one arm (who did zen clapping), some with learning difficulties, one unable to walk let alone dance, a group of cyclists who zig-zagged through the heys, plus pre-school children up through primary school, cubs, scouts, brownies, and guides, to senior citizens.... come and join us.

We dance in two main styles - Cotswold and Border. Within the Cotswold dances, we dance those from Stanton Harcourt, Adderbury and Bampton, with a few extras that sneak in. The Border dances are more wild and vigorous and we enjoy a lot of these mainly sticking dances. And we like Lichfield as well. But we are gradually adding dances invented ourselves as part of the living tradition - these sometimes follow the above styles, and are occasionally completely original inventions.

Below is a list of dances that we currently dance and we have included the "dots" - for the tune

The music is either midi () or a few snatches of our super band where we have recordings - these will take longer to download and are marked with red notes(). Just click on the icons.

And click here for our little introductory snippets, so as our band can remember what their fingers should be doing.

Dance Style
Tune (if different)
Acton Stick Dance Border

Not for Joe and

Girl I left Behind Me aka Brighton Camp

Battle of New Orleans Border
Big Ship Border Brimfield
Black Joke Adderbury
Bluebells of Scotland Adderbury
Come, Landlord, Fill the Flowing Bowl Adderbury
Constant Billy Adderbury
Duck and Dive Adderbury
Flaxen Headed Ploughboy
Fanny Frail Border Evesham

into Polly Wolly Doodle

Fray for Four Wickham Border
Winster Gallop
From Night to Morn Wickham
Hampshire Redhead Border
Wednesday Night Polka
Highland Mary Bampton

or Young Collins

Jenny Lind Lichfield
Lads a Buncham Adderbury
What a Fool I be
La Halle Place Adderbury
Lollipop Man Ducklington
Lollipop man
Market Rasen Border

Just as the tide was Flowing

Much Wenlock Border
White Ladies Ashton (A), Much Wenlock (B)
Not for Joe Border

Not for Joe

or Rochdale Coconut

Nutting Girl Stanton Harcourt
Ring of Bells Lichfield
Rose Tree Bampton

Or Banbury Bill

Sheepskins Border
3 Jolly Sheepskins/Blue Eyed Stranger
Shepherd's Hey Stanton Harcourt
Sheriff's Ride Lichfield
Raggle Taggle Gypsies
Skirmish of Wickham Square Wickham Border
Winster Gallop
Speed the Plough Bampton
Sweet Jenny Jones Adderbury
Three Musketeers Adderbury
British Grenadiers
Tumbledown Dick Wickham Border
Lollipop Man
Upton on Severn Stick Dance Border
Twin Sisters
Vandals of Hammerwich Lichfield
White Hart Border
The Fairy Dance

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